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Sport and vegetables are all you need to live a long life

Lead a healthy life and live long, who does not want to do it? The only concern is that not many people know how to get there or how to do it properly. There are several ways to do this, but some are less effective than others. It may also be that you look for the less rapid, less suitable solution for you. After reading this article introducing and deepening a little more on this subject, you will be much more involved and decided to take a new initiative. You have the right to live your life fully.

How can sport extend our life?

Of course, practicing sports plays an important role in our lifespan. If not, why do those who play sports and continue to do so in their daily lives live longer than others? Sport is a kind of stimulus for telomeres and for some DNA caps delaying aging. In addition, it helps us prevent almost all diseases. In addition, and as many already know, sport helps us better control the heartbeat. It has been proven that lack of sports practice is responsible for one in ten deaths worldwide. There is no age to play sports. On the contrary, it is all that one needs to age in shape and in total autonomy.

The benefits of vegetables on life expectancy

Apart from sport, or rather in addition to sport, eating vegetables is a very effective way to make our life last. Containers in a vegetable help our body repair faster damaged tissue in our body. Vegetable consumption lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and even cancer. In addition, they benefit the prevention of chronic diseases. These vegetables are the easiest to find but we often neglect them. For our well-being, we must add them to the list of things we must eat every day. But be careful, as with all foods, it should not be abused. So, do not waste your time anymore. Do more sports, eat more vegetables and especially long life to you!