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Thank you all for spending your precious time with us and for making our maiden attempt “WAYANAD HAM MEET 2016” a success. With great respect, we request you to send us your valuable feedbacks which will help us to serve you better in future events.

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by Joseph on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU2JLX

Thanks for the wonderful experience their at Wayanad.

by VINOD on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU3ESV

Wayand HAM meet was very well organised and the team behind this did a great job. Congratulations to all the HAMS and SWLs who put their efforts for this event. Looking forward for such events in the future...

by Unni Krishnan S on Ham Meet
Call Sign: SWL

It was a wonderful time at waynad. The venue was awesome.Dear organisers, that was awesome.

by Ramesh on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU2CPA

Amazing programme it was. Great positive thoughts by VU2OJ Dr.Abraham. More than this great meeting, I have a got an opportunity to see the entire Wayanad in my 5 days stay there. Nice experience to my family too. My kids enjoyed the stay much. Special thanks to the co-ordinators with the hope of meet you all next year.

by Resel P.P. on Ham Meet
Call Sign: vu2xpz

A HAM meet conducted at Paradise of The God’s own country .Congrats!

by UNNI on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU2TE

A well organized eyeball meet. Keep it up and keep going

by K M Ravindran on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU3XRP

It was a great occasion. Very well organised. Congratulations to the organisers of Wayanad meet.

by Rajesh.R on Ham Meet
Call Sign: vu3rbw

വളരെ നല്ല ഒരു ഹാം മീറ്റ് ആയിരുന്നു. എനിക്ക് ടിക്കറ്റ് കി്ട്ടിയതിനുശേഷം പങ്കെടുത്തിട്ടുള്ള മീറ്റുകളില് സൂപ്പര് പ്രോഗ്രാം ആയിരുന്നു. ഇതിന്റെ പിറകില് പ്രവര്ത്തിച്ച എല്ലാവര്ക്കും പ്രത്യേകിച്ച് സാബുവിന് അഭിനന്ദനങ്ങള്......

by Balaji on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU3PZA

Super work done by WAR hams. Keep it up

by Likith on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU3ZLS

Amazing eyeball meet very well organised looking forward for more events from WAR🙏🏼

by Manoj on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU2CPL

Superb eyeball, beautiful venue. Thanks to Wayanad hams and SWLs who worked hard to make it happen.

by Dr.T.A.Thangavel on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU2ENT

Well organised,registration could have been started little early.Location of the venue superb.Kudos to the entire TEAM for the wonderful meet.Hospitality is unique.A grand occasion to meet all 59+++ voice in person.It should hve been 2 days event.Inspite if political QRM good number of hams from TN and Karnataka..No doubt we can cal *Wyanad as Hams Own Country*😍

by subu on Ham Meet
Call Sign: vu2nsl friendly meet created a bench mark on low cost budget

by Manu Mohan K on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU3BUN

We from Mangalore and Manipal really enjoyed the splendid eyeball qso feast set at the scenic location of Wayanad. Congratulations to the whole organising team. Could see the source of many voices that are heard on the radio. Thanks for the wonderful hospitality. Looking forward for similar occasions in future.

by Bejoy on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU3BOJ

It was a well planned and organized event. Great choice of location and good arrangements done by the team. Congrats.

by Rajesh Lakshman on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU3WRL

Overall, very well-organised. The registration process, though, could have been started a bit early to avoid the rush. Ideally the registration desk should have been ready before the crowd started trickling in. Nevertheless, very good effort on part of the organisers. Congratulations! Looking forward to more meets.

by Shabeer MK on Ham Meet
Call Sign: SWL

My first Eyeball meet.
Thank you.

by Lijo on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU3LTJ

Good work.

by Ram Mohan on Ham Meet
Call Sign: VU2GRM

Meet was well organised. Very good hospitality.Missed meeting many hams though they were there, possibly if we could have had a minute for a ham on the stage, it would have been nice.

by adersh on Ham Meet
Call Sign: Swl

Wonderful event

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